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Precision Modular Tooling Solutions

Crowley’s modular cross-slide tool holders expand on the standard production insertable dovetail tool.

The modular system offers even faster tool changes while providing maximum rigidity. We offer modular tool holders in both up-cut and down-cut versions for compatibility with most multi-spindle automatics, including single-spindle Brown & Sharpe machines.

Our modular tool holder system consists of two basic assemblies. The first is a modular insert holder assembly, featuring center adjustment that replaces our standard dovetail-style insert holder.

The second is a cross-slide base holder assembly that gives ample adjustments for taper, diameter and side-to-side movement for maximum versatility.


Modular Tooling System

Our modular form and shave tooling solutions are ideal for most applications that require the fastest possible tool changeovers. The modular system offers extreme tool rigidity and the ability to hold extremely tight tolerances. This system provides complete adjustability that includes fine adjustments for center, taper, diameter and side-to-side movement.